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Ford E-Transit começa a ser vendida no início de 2022 nos Estados Unidos

FThere’s little time to go on sale, but Ford is still testing the E-Transit, an electric version of the passenger and cargo van. In partnership with fleet owners, Light Commercial has multiple street operations in the United States, where it will begin business early next year.

Partner companies use Transit Electric’s pre-production units to test for a variety of applications, such as rental, delivery, service and maintenance. The e-Transit is the automaker’s first battery-powered van in North America. It will have eight configurations, including a cargo version with three ceiling heights and three lengths, and a cab chassis.

Ford also developed software tools to optimize the operation of the electric van. Through the Ford Pro e-telematics system, the customer has real-time vehicle information, such as autonomy, alerts, monitoring and charge history, which allows tracking, settings and battery programming to save energy and maximize range .

Another resource, Ford Pro Charging, provides tools for recharging a vehicle, whether over a home, public or company network. For example, if the driver recharges the vehicle at night at home, the system generates reports to make reimbursement easier.


Ford Pro CEO Ted Canis says, “More than just providing electric vehicles, we are helping companies find the best solutions for energy and fleet management. Our services span the entire operating environment of the vehicle and business, Which is the only way electric vehicles will follow. Any other approach would be detrimental to the business’ bottom line.”

For example: For public charging, Ford has the BlueOwl Charge network, a network with more than 19,500 stations and 63,000 plugs in the United States. For business recharging, it has developed monitoring tools and software that avoid high energy costs during peak hours.

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