Samsung launches Neo QLED televisions in Brazil; View prices

Samsung launches Neo QLED televisions in Brazil;  View prices

Samsung’s newly QLED QN900A TV (Disclosure)

Sao Paulo – Samsung claims to be the leading global brand in the television sector for fifteen consecutive years. Now, it launched Neo QLED Smart TVs in four versions: 8K QN900A and QN800A and 4K QN90A and QN85A.

Was featured in an online broadcast by a South Korean technology company. The screen consists of a panel that replaces the traditional mini LED with 40 mini LEDs. Each mini LED is 40 times smaller according to Samsung and twice a semiconductor diode.

This change allows greater accuracy of illumination by controlling smaller areas of the screen. This allows a wider range between brightness and full black color, in contrast, improves color and brightness. Samsung gives ten-year warranty against impact burn in (Spots on screen).

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