Samsung unveils new foldable screen concept at CES 2022

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a samsung development continues folding screen, which may soon be on new cell phones and other devices sold at the nearest store. Brand took advantage Consumer Electronic Show 2022 ,They) to introduce some of your latest concepts in this section.

At the technology fair in Las Vegas, the South Korean company revealed four prototypes developed with flexible technology, as a concept Flex S, It consists of three panels that fold up in an “S” shape, providing ample screen space when open, with the possibility of using it on cell phones, tablets and other devices.

With a slightly different approach to the last one, Flex G Keeps the same three flexible panels, but folds inward. The pattern protects the screen from scratches and impacts that can damage the device, making it very compact when stored.

these new concepts samsung folding screen, shown in the video above, is still in development. At the moment, there is no confirmation that they will be released commercially nor when that might happen.

Flex Note and Flex Slideable

In addition to the foldable cell phone prototype, the South Korean giant also released a concept folding notebook And CES 2022, Surname flex note, the product consists of a massive OLED screen which folds up and can be used in various ways according to the needs of the moment.

device (not to be confused with the line Galaxy Note of cell phones) dispenses with the physical keyboard, as a part of the panel used as a virtual keyboard, if folded. The space also doubles as a drawing area for a compatible pen or media controller for editing, as well as the ability to fully open for viewing video on a larger display.

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unlike others, flex slideable is a concept of scrollable screen whose retractable mechanism somewhat resembles that of a cell phone Oppo Find X, Traditionally, the phone folds up, gaining additional space on the side once the technology is turned on.

Scrolling to the side, the display gives the user more space. In the demo video, the additional area that came out was used as a tab for accessing app shortcuts, but there are probably other configurable functions for this as well.

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