Satellite images capture new emissions from La Saueriere volcano on the island of Sao Vicente

Satellite images capture new emissions from La Saueriere volcano on the island of Sao Vicente

Satellite images from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration captured the island of São Vicente, amid a new volcanic emission this Sunday (11) in the Caribbean archipelago of São Vicente and the Grenadines.

Hey Explosions in La Sauiriere on Friday (9), after decades of inactivity, sending black clouds of ash about 10 km into the air and forcing some nearby residents to leave their homes.

Satellite photos capture the island of Sao Vicente amid a new emission from the La Saueriere volcano – Photo: Reuters

King Vincent in the Caribbean and Kingstown, the capital of the Grenadines, continued to make loud noises from the volcano, covering the roofs, cars and roads.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said it is unclear how much ash the volcano will release, adding that more than 3,200 people are now sheltered.

St. Vincent’s Caribbean Islands and Grenadines eruption of La Saugere volcano – Photo: REUTERS

La Soirier, 1,235 meters high, has not burst since 1979, and its largest eruption occurred a century ago in 1902, when more than a thousand people were killed. “We try to recover. Outside, the silence has taken hold,” said Winette Frederick, a 44-year-old lawyer from Kingstown.

The resident of the 30-km-long island, Zen Punet, said people were terrified last Thursday (8) when evacuation orders were issued, but the situation calmed down the next day. “We’re not leaving,” he said.

The Disaster Management Agency said that on Friday (9) afternoon, all people living in the red-risk area were taken to safer areas.

Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruise said in a statement that they are sending two ships to assist with evacuation operations.

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