See images of Pink Super Moon recorded in Bruce

See images of Pink Super Moon recorded in Bruce

On Monday evening, the first super moon of 2621 occurred, starting at sunset and visible throughout the night. Astronomer Silvino de Souza took pictures of the full moon on the full moon day.

He reported that the photos were taken at the Bruce Astronomical Observatory, around 9 pm. Souza states that the moon is 357,522 kilometers away from the Earth. In addition, the astronomer used a 203 mm aperture depicting the telescope and a Canon T3 camera.

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Silvino de Souza / Disclosure
Silvino de Souza / Disclosure
Silvino de Souza / Disclosure


According to Metzul Meteologia, the peak of this April’s supermoon will be on Tuesday at 12:33 pm on the 27th. Now, in practice, it is practically impossible for the human eye to distinguish a normal full moon from the rest of the year. Supermoon adds limbs.

This topic was brought to Siro Groh’s blog on Monday, 26th. Among the suggestions of observation is to be at the highest point in your observation space, or in a place with a free view of the horizon, as buildings, mountains, and trees tend to interfere with opposite vision.

February 2020 in Rio de Janeiro

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Rosa and flox compatibility

Despite being called “Supermoon Rose” in the United States, it does not have a different color. The name comes from indigenous tribes that mark the passage of time through full moons, explaining to astronomers.

Each had a specific name, and April is “pink”, as it appears around the same time as the pink flowers of the American wild plant Phlox Subulata.

Flox Sabulata, a plant whose flowers give their name to “Rosa” Super Moon / Image: Philip Merritt, via Flickr (CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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