See Tess’s new in-game look

See Tess's new in-game look

naughty Dog revealed The Last of Us Part I Last Thursday (09) and since then there are heated discussions about the graphics of the remake on the network. While the debate is a bit polarized, it’s undeniable that there have been substantial changes — and Tess’s new look is a good example of that.

This was no ordinary character touch-up job. Not only is Tess more realistic for the power of the new generation, but she also looks older and significantly different from her original self. This is a very noticeable update and certainly shows how much work is going on in production. Watch video shared by studio Twitter,

Tess shine!

Nine years ago Vs. 2 September 2022.

Tess’s original design (source: reproduction)

The facial expressions are similar to the other game’s features, with clothing and hair details adapted to appear more realistic – even the simple body movements are less plastered. While the graphics for The Last of Us Part I were as expected, now only first impressions of the gameplay are missing.

A remake of the 2013 classic will be released 2 september in this year’s PS5 – A PC version is also in production and will come later.

Digital Foundry praises The Last of Us Part I

When it comes to technical details, no one does it better than Digital Foundry. Recently, the outlet praised the rendition of The Last of Us Part I, suggesting that the structure is based on the second game’s engine. check details,

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