See the best pictures of last Saturday’s solar eclipse (30)

See the best pictures of last Saturday's solar eclipse (30)

first solar eclipse of the year Last Saturday (30), but unfortunately it was not visible in Brazil. But our neighbors at the southern tip of our continent were able to see the event just before sunset. And, of course, some took amazing pictures!

A solar eclipse occurs in the new moon phase, when our natural satellite is almost perfectly aligned with Earth and the Sun. Incidentally, the Moon is close enough to us that its apparent small diameter is exactly the same as the solar diameter – even though the Moon is actually 400 times smaller than our star.

However, it was a partial eclipse, meaning the Moon only crosses part of the solar disk. Partial eclipses may not look as impressive as total eclipses—when the Sun is completely blocked out by the Moon—but this event occurred when the Sun descended toward the horizon and the twilight sky turned orange. It provides really great images.

By the way, the last photo you’ll see below (before the video) was identified today as (2) astronomy picture of the day (APOD, “Astronomical Photo of the Day”), Through NASA, keep an eye on project website, because other eclipse photos may be selected during the week. we remind you that canaltec Bring in Compiled with all APOD images on Saturday.

The best pictures of the April 2022 solar eclipse

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