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Flamengo e Palmeiras se enfrentaram em São Paulo

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The 20th round of the Brazilian Championship was marked by a confrontation between the leaders of the competition. In a G4 duel, leaders Atlético-MG beat Fortaleza 2–0 away from home, and at the same time, Flamengo turned the game around and beat Palmeiras 3–1.

See how the Brazilian Championship table turned out after the 20th round of play

The round that started this Saturday (11) also had Chapecoense’s first win in the competition, a sequence of good results from Cuiaba, which is moving closer to the qualifying zone for the Pre-Libertadores, and more highlights.

See how the games of the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship were:

Fluminance x Sao Paulo

Fluminense beat Sao Paulo 2-1 in Maracan
Fluminense beat So Paulo 2-1 at Maracan / Dhavid Normando / Futura Press / Estado Contado

In Maracana, Fluminense hosted So Paulo and, with goals from Nino and Luiz Henrique, beat the So Paulo Tricolor 2–1 in the game, which closed this Sunday’s matches in round one – Reynaldo for the visitors. Cashed in.

With the result, Fluminense is at the seventh position with 28 points. So Paulo is in 16th place with 22 points, just one ahead of America-MG, which opens the relegation zone.

Atletico-Go x Corinthians

Atletico-Go and Corinthians draw 1-1 in Goiânia
Atlético-GO and Corinthians draw 1-1 in Goiânia/André Costa/Uai Foto/Estadão material

Atlético-Go and Corinthians faced each other in Goiânia and drew 1–1. Gabriel Pereira opened the scoring for So Paulo and Jay Roberto equalized for Goya.

On the leaderboard, the two teams have not changed their positions and are close. Timo is now sixth with 29 points, and Dragao is ninth with 26.

The match was marked by extrafield decisions. The National Health Monitoring Agency (ANVISA) notified Corinthians to halt the introduction of striker Willian, who has been in the UK for less than 14 days.

Brazilian travelers arriving from a European country are required to remain isolated to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Club Alvinegro accepted the decision and did not list the player.

Fortaleza X Atletico-MG

Atletico-MG beat Fortaleza 2-0 at home
Atletico-MG beat Fortaleza 2-0 at home / Caio Rocha / FramePhoto / Estadio Materials

At the Arena Castelo, leader Atlético-MG visited Fortaleza and defeated the Sierra team 2–0, with goals from Zaracho and Junior Alonso in the second leg.

With the result, Gallo rose to 42 points and extended the advantage to runners-up, Palmeiras, to seven points. Fortaleza lost one place and are fourth with 33 points.

palm tree x flamengo

Flamengo and Palmeiras face to face in Sao Paulo
Flamengo and Palmeiras face each other in So Paulo / Marcelo Zambrana / Agif – Agence de Photographia / Estado Contado

With an excellent performance from Michael, Flamengo beat Palmeiras 3-1 this Sunday (12) at the Allianz Parque for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship and touched Verdao in a brasilirao vice-leadership dispute.

Alvivarde started the match well and opened the scoring in just 14 minutes in the first half with a fine individual play by forward Wesley. Flamengo’s response, however, came immediately and, two minutes later, Michael combined it with a rubro-negro.

Engagement continued in the second half and in the 11th minute of the second leg, Pedro Alvivarde rose over the defense and, with his head on, turned the game to Flamengo.

Back on the scoreboard, Vardao went on the attack, leaving room for a red-black counterattack. At 35 minutes into the second half, Michael got it from Vitinho, dribbled off Marcos Rocha and sealed Flamengo’s victory with his second goal.

With the result, Flamengo – who are two games short of the competition – moved up to third place with 34 points, just one less than Palmeiras. Verdao, on the other hand, remains in second place, but saw the advantage of leader Atlético-MG – who beat Fortaleza away from home and reach 42 points – increased to seven points.

guild x siras

At home, Grmio beat Sierra 2-0 this Sunday (12)
At home, Grmio beat Ceira 2-0 this Sunday (12) / Roberto Vinicius/Agafoto/Estadio Materials

In a reunion with coach Tiago Nunes, Grmio pulled off a 2-0 win over Syria at home to open this Sunday’s game in Brasileiro, with goals from Diego Souza and Ferreira in the first half.

Despite the win, the tricolor of Rio Grande do Sul remains 18th in the relegation zone with 19 points. Sera is ranked 11th with 24 points.

Santos x Bahia

Santos and Bahia draw 0-0 at Villa Belmiro
Santos and Bahia Villa are tied 0-0 at Belmiro / Andersen Lira / Framephoto / EstadoContent

In the debut of coach Fabio Carrille in charge of Peix, Santos was only in a 0-0 draw with Bahia at Villa Belmiro on Saturday night (11).

The result places both teams closer to the relegation zone. Peixe is now 13th with 23 points while Bahia is 15th with 22 points.

Red Bull Bragantino x Chapecoense

Chapecoense beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-1 away from home
Chapecoense beat Red Bull Bragantino 2-1 at home / Willian Oliveira / Futura Press / Estado Materials

The Lanterns of Brasileirao went to Bragança Paulista to face Chapecoense Red Bull Bragantino and, with a 49-minute goal in the second half, beat Massa Bruta 2–1 at Nabi Abi Chedid to secure their first victory of the competition, with Anselmo’s win. were round. Ramon and Mike – Arthur cashes in for the home team.

Even with the win, Chapecoense continues to be in a complicated position in the competition, in last position, with only 10 points. Bragantino, on the other hand, continues in fifth place with 32 points.

youth x cuiabas

Cuiaba beat Juventude 2-1 at home
Cuiaba won Juventud 2-1 away from home / Luiz Erbes / Agif – Agencia de Fotografia / Estado Contado

Continuing the good results from previous matches, Cuiaba went to Caxias do Sul and beat Juventude 2-1 this Saturday, with Quintero (against) and Janison – Guilherme Castillo scoring for the home side.

With this win, Dorado has moved up four places and is now in eighth place with 27 points. Yuva is at 14th position with 23 points.

US-MG x Athletico-PR

America-MG received Athletico-PR in Belo Horizonte and finished 2 x 1 .  won
America-MG received Athletico-PR in Belo Horizonte and won 2 x 1 / Gilson Junio ​​/ W9 Press / Estado Contado

In the game that opened the round, America-MG beat Athletico-PR 2-0 this Saturday (11) thanks to goals from Felipe Azevedo and Lucas Kal, and secured their second consecutive win in Brasileiro.

With the result, Coelho remains determined to leave the relegation zone, in 17th place, with 21 points. The Hurricanes, who have not won seven matches, have slipped to the tenth spot with 24 points.

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