Selection is 5 games and two calls away from defining the group for the World Cup

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With the end of the qualifiers for the World Cup, the coaching staff of the Brazil team will now face a period of more than six months to define the group going into the World Cup in Qatar. One of the biggest challenges will be countering the team’s pace that reached an incredible 88% in 17 games, with the certainty that the numbers have nothing to do with actual chances of reaching a sixth championship.

Ultimately, the games were only against South American opponents, who would not even be in Brazil’s way in the first leg. But the coaching staff already has a plan: in the coming months, the team will face opponents from Asia, CONCACAF, and perhaps Africa, in addition to the derby against Argentina.

The Argentina national team is the only confirmed rival, as the Classic is provided for in contracts with the sponsors and must be played as required by FIFA. The unit ordered that games to be played at the Neo Quimica Arena for the qualifiers – but were suspended after the National Health Monitoring Agency (ENVISA) indicated that Argentine players had violated health protocols – be held. had to go. The trend is for matches to be held in Australia during the FIFA date in June.

Brazil will face two teams in Asia in the same period. Opponents are yet to be confirmed, but the trend is that they are Japan and South Korea, also classified for the World Cup.

The last friendly window before defining the group going into the World Cup will be in September. Matches must take place in the United States, as also provided for in the contract with the sponsors.

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Most likely, the opposing teams are CONCACAF – Canada has already secured a place in the cup, and Mexico and the United States are close to reaching the classification. However, there is a chance that Brazil will pick at least one African opponent. Next Friday’s draw for the World Cup teams could have an impact on this.


Tite wishes that games against European teams should be held only for the final stages of preparation for the World Cup or at most, with the group already going to Qatar.

Estadao showed last week that the lack of matches against Europeans is greater than since the 1954 World Cup cycle – since the 2018 World Cup, in Russia, there has been a single friendly against a team from the old continent. This was in a 3-1 win over Czech Republic in March 2019. The problem is that there are no dates or opponents available depending on the UEFA Nations League.

The final call-up for the World Cup will be done in October. Tait will learn whether he will be able to take on 23 or 26 players this Thursday during the FIFA Congress in Doha, Qatar – he has reiterated that he is looking forward to the bigger list.

Whatever the numbers, it is highly likely that no part of the preparation will be done at the Granza Comrie in Teresopolis. That’s because the World Cup starts on November 21, and the final round of the Champions League group stage – to which most players have been called – is scheduled for the beginning of the same month. However, the final schedule is still being discussed.

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