Selection of drunken staff: Week 8

Selection of drunken staff: Week 8

Editor’s note: We swear we picked them before the game. We swear.

O you who curse! Week 8 is upon us now and the Atlanta Falcons are 1-6, face to face with 1-7. Carolina Panthers on the road.

The Falcohly staff made their choices via telesite, where all of our choices and predictions will be shared throughout the season. This is not only a great platform for predicting, but also for looking at how you stand against professional sports writers and analysts.

Here are the Week 8 staff choices:

Will Falcon Be the winner on Thursday night? As possible. Our staff at large does not have much faith in pulling troubles and preventing seasonal yields in the Falcons Panthers. Our Matt Chambers predicted that the Panthers would win:

“The Falcons really have something for me to believe in. He got angry against some teams, and added just one full match against Minnesota. Looking at the rest of the season, how many of these seem to have won? If the new coaching staff can’t go against it The lion, I can’t really expect them to compete, winning alone against Carolina.

We’ll see if the Falcons shake the world, but it’s hard to believe right now. Even when they Should To win, he finally seems to find a way to blow it.

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