Senator Warren speaks about bitcoin


US Senator Elizabeth Warren made statements about bitcoin (BTC). Warren took a stance similar to Treasury Secretary Yellen, stating that bitcoin is a “speculative” entity.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at CNBC on March 2 Square box Participated in the program. Warren, a member of the Democratic Party, Bitcoin Stressing its speculative nature “Things can get worse” Gave his message

“It has a speculative structure”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has stated that bitcoin is a “speculative” entity. Senator Warren made a statement close to it. “A speculative structure” Expressed that he has.

“Yellen is a very clever woman,” Warren said, directly referring to Yellen’s comments during the broadcast. Said Repeating his statements about bitcoin, the senator was content with describing bitcoin in this way. US Senator, in addition “It will end badly.” Gave an explanation

Tax advice from millionaires

Senator Warren said on Monday, rich people in society should receive additional taxes. Warren; It proposes that households and trusts with an annual income starting at $ 50 million to $ 1 billion should be taxed an additional 2 percent each year.

The bill, dubbed the “Ultra Millionaire Tax”, proposes to collect a 3 percent annual tax on households and trusts whose incomes exceed $ 1 billion. It has been announced that if this tax starts coming into force, an additional income of at least $ 3 trillion can be obtained in 10 years.

It is said that if this proposal is accepted, at least 3 trillion additional income will be provided in 10 years. Were.

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