Seoul to test Kovid-19 in cats and dogs

Seoul to test Kovid-19 in cats and dogs

The province of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has announced that it will test Kovid-19 in dogs and cats that show signs of infection due to the new Coronavirus.

In this way, people who detect fever or breathing difficulties in pets should be taken to test sites. First, the recommendation is that only dogs and cats had contact with human carriers of the virus, which undergo verification.

If the test is positive, the pet must remain at home. There is no recommendation for isolation, as there is no evidence that cats and dogs transmit the virus.

The first case of a cat infected with the new coronovirus occurred in late January, after the country was registered. The suspicion is that a mother and a daughter, who were living in the same place, passed the virus to the animal, as both tested positive for Kovid-19.

Cases of coronavirus infection of animals have been reported in various parts of the world, but there is no evidence yet that any species plays an important role in the chain of transmission between humans.

Studies assess the risk of transmission between animals of the same species. The country’s disease control officer, Park Yo-mi, instructed residents to keep their pets “at least two meters from people and before other pets walk”.

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