Serena Williams rallies again to reach US Open semifinals

Serena Williams rallies again to reach US Open semifinals

They were just two special points – New York Serena WilliamsThe return of the latest three sets at the US Open, however, was significant and included a variety of long exchanges filled with athletics and ingenuity that she has been known for throughout her career.

Williams needed both points to make up for the loss that reached the set level and a break 45 minutes after his quarter-final. Tsvetna Pironkova Empty Arthur Ashe Clouds Wednesday at the stadium.

He needed two balls in five matches, during the match-changing race – with his 20 points – 11th over to finish right after a score of 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 after more than two. Hours to reach the semi-finals of the Flash Grounds.

Two more wins for Williams will claim a record-breaking 24th Grand Slam singles title.

What a shock it would have been if Pironkova had worn it. Not only is she ranked in the Flushing Meadows, she doesn’t appear in the WTA rankings at all – it was her first tournament of its kind in more than three years since she left the tour to become a mother.

In fact, when the players walked out on the court, the announcer of the stadium – whose announcement was a mystery – Pironkova, 32, from Bulgaria, was known as “Alexander’s mother” and then Williams was suddenly introduced to Olympia. As a mother.

The American, who turns 39 in less than three weeks, has won a total of six championships at the US Open and has been a four-time runner-up, including 2018 and 2019.

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Williams last lost before the semifinals in New York in 2007, when Justin Henin Beat him in the quarter finals.

Williams will face No. 16 on Thursday Alice Martens With or without Victoria Azarenka. Their quarter-final was scheduled for Wednesday night.

This week, in the fourth round, Williams also needed a comeback and needed more sets to beat the 15th seed first. Maria Sakri 6-3, 6-7 (6), 6-3.

In Wednesday’s change, the first crucial moment included 24 strokes, a wide crosscourt forehand by Williams from the front-to-back, and a squash forehand by Pironkova that landed in the net, breaking Williams in the second set and leading 5-3. Giving the edge with.

Williams raised her left fist as her husband stepped out of the seat from the corner of his front row; Pironkova put one hand on her knee, smiled and stuck behind the baseline.

The four-day opening of the second final set came in the opening game, and right-hander Williams started by pulling out a page. Maria SharapovaBy pressing the return of the left hand of the service. After 15 more strokes, Williams fired a shot through the forehand that Pironkova entered the trap tape.

Pironkova fell on his chest to the breast sowing; He sweated so hard on the court that a child was asked to wipe with a towel. This gave Williams a third break point, which was converted into a 1-0 lead when Pironkova sent a long shot.

Williams then just added to the lead, his stroke well ahead of the match. His service was particularly good.

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On the contrary, Pironkova began to have more trouble with the long points she quickly dominated and won the first half-dozen that lasted 10 strokes or more.

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