Serious problems may occur with some gigabyte power supplies

The GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM may notably burn during operation.

An interesting video posted by Gamers Nexus, in which the Gigabyte GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM power supplies are the main characters. The media in question tested ten of the prior models’ hardware, and during testing, half of them succumbed to overload protection or to subsequent testing. In addition, Newegg’s user reviews also point to power supplies being largely dismantled.

H I R D E Ts

The main character of the said web store is the story, as the feeds in question are added to the VGA. Specifically, this was a case of not being able to order certain graphics cards from Newegg without purchasing the Gigabyte GP-P750GM or GP-P850GM, meaning they were kind of a package deal. Also, if the power supply is damaged, the VGA has to be returned for warranty service.

It cannot be ruled out that Newegg will return VGA to the power supply subject to warranty as they expect users to waive this right as a result. It’s also a reality these days because graphics cards are so hard to get, so web stores can have great hope that customers who exchange bad feeds won’t be bothered. Sure, you can expect some buyers to opt for a warranty anyway, but probably not many.

Gamers Nexus has contacted Gigabyte, a company that has disclosed the circumstances under which the safety overload of the foods it tested occurs. This data was strange for Nexus gamers because in their own tests, all models exceeded the maximum load limit specified by the manufacturer before safety shut them down or, worse, didn’t give up on themselves.

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Officially, Gigabyte has not yet explained the high failure rate of the GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM power supplies.

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