Sesa – Metro says passengers from areas with new coronavirus variants should be left for 14 days

Sesa - Metro says passengers from areas with new coronavirus variants should be left for 14 days

State Health Secretariat (Sesa) Published, this Monday (1), two Technical alert note Is associated with new strains of coronavirus. Guide of documents Travelers coming to the state Quarantine for 14 days, coming from places with circulation of new strains; Other detail procedures for monitoring suspected cases and eventual identification of identified stress in Amazonas. However, Sesa claims that The state has no confirmed cases.

According to the texts, new strains were detected in samples collected from patients in Amazonas, Para, Rio de Janeiro, Rorima, São Paulo and Sergipe. Thus, the recommendation is that travelers who come from these places 14 day quarantine After arriving in Ceará, including self-monitoring related to the presence of symptoms.

If the traveler presents Symptomatic picture Those who suggest respiratory disease during or after the visit should seek professional help and “refer to the area they are at risk for this visit”, Sesa Executive Secretary Monitoring and Regulation, Magda Almeida highlights .

Other countries such as Argentina, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, United States, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the Dominican Republic are also considered to be at risk areas with the circulation of new variants of the virus, responsible. For Kovid – 19 countries that will submit cases will also be included in the list of at-risk areas.

Monitoring of new strains, notification of suspected cases and treatment of patients is aimed at understanding the mutation in the virus and its possible effect on the transmission of the disease. The purpose of these works is also to analyze the increase in the effect of the infectious agent. Review rateEffectiveness and production of intervention protocols Vaccines.

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