Singapore tests ‘Xavier’, robot that detects population abuse World

Singapore tests 'Xavier', robot that detects population abuse  World

Singapore Started testing two robots, named “Xavier”, to patrol public areas and prevent population abuse. In this first step, the following will be explored:

  • Disregard for COVID-19 containment protocols;
  • Cigarette use in a prohibited environment
  • and bicycle parking at inappropriate places.

Robots are equipped with cameras and trigger real-time alerts For a command and control center.

The two “Xaviers” will initially operate in an area of ​​high pedestrian traffic in the center of the country.

The robot was centered with rapid pedestrian movement – Photo: Edgar Su/Reuters

Singapore’s government agency said robots that detected bad behavior in the first three weeks will display educational message. For now, there will be no punishment or use of images in the legal proceedings.

‘Xavier’ shows an educational message to pedestrians – Photo: Roslan Rahman/AFP

In the long run, the use of robots should be expanded to:

“The implementation of Xavier will support the work of civil servants, as it will reduce labor for foot patrols and increase the efficiency of operations,” the agency said.

Singapore’s Minister of Home Affairs K. Shanmugam said in August that the country intended to be more than 200,000 police cameras by 2030 – more than double the current number.

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