Sinn Féin on track for unprecedented victory in Northern Ireland election | World

Sinn Féin on track for unprecedented victory in Northern Ireland election |  World

The former political wing of the IRA is close to winning an election in Sinn Féin. Northern Ireland first time. If it does, it would be a historic milestone that could make the once remote possibility of a united Ireland more likely.

According to Friday’s figures, Sinn Féin won 29% of the vote, compared to 21.3% for the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party.

This indicates that Sinn Féin is set to become the first Irish nationalist party to win a majority in a regional assembly election since the creation of the state in 1921.

For the policy of “Sinn Féin is an earthquake on its way to becoming prime minister” Northern Irelandsaid Bill White, chief executive of research firm LucidTalk.

A clerk with ballots in Belfast, Northern Ireland on May 6, 2022 — Photo: Jason Cairnduff/AP

The Sinn Féin victory would not change the status of British territory, as the referendum required for eventual departure from the United Kingdom would be conducted at the discretion of the British government and is probably years away.

But the psychological implications of a nationalist Irish prime minister would be much greater after a century of dominance by pro-British parties, supported by the region’s mostly Protestant population.

proportional representation voting system Northern IrelandThe party that wins the most first-preference votes is not guaranteed to win more regional assembly seats, but many analysts say Sinn Féin’s lead was too large to overcome.

The final result is not expected till Saturday.

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