Skull Session: Jim Harbock wants his players to prepare for October, a myocarditis claim was wrong, and Pack-12 wants its season to be aligned with the Big Ten.

We're wearing helmets in today's skull session.

People, I officially had my first “Oh God, I’m old” moment.

In my defense, his father still plays football today.

Word of the day: Fekund.

Prepare for October. I don’t know when Big Ten is going to play football again, and Jim Harbaugh probably isn’t. But he is telling his team to prepare as it is going to be in October.

Let me repeat – I strongly suspect that Jim Harbaugh has some insider information about Big Ten’s decision. However, this is not something you will get out of your ass. At the very least, a small part of him believes his team is playing football in October.

This is expected to be true, and the bookies will follow suit.

Do it together. The Big Ten and Pack 12 still don’t know what they’re doing about playing football season, but at least they don’t know what they’re doing together!

It’s all well and good as long as “aligning our seasons” means that if the Big Ten play this fall, so are you. Because if the Big Ten thought it was safe to play in the fall but chose to postpone the season anyway in solidarity with Pack-12, I would lose what was on my mind.

OPS! For a staggering seven hours yesterday, the Internet roared like wildfire at the suggestion of a doctor that 30-35 percent of Big Ten athletes who tested positive for COIVD-19. The condition of the heart was also found to be not good, Myocarditis.

And you know what? Fair! Because it was an amazing number Should People are worried.

Other than that, it wasn’t really true.

Dr. Kudos. To set a record straight from Sebastianelli, but I will never take the seven hours of my life that I saw burning the internet.

On the next next. Our hero is on it again!

After upsetting world number one Guido Pella with his first big win, Bukei JJ Wolf defeated Roberto Carbel Bena in three sets to claim his second big win.

His race is probably about to end fast because he has got the world number 3 Daniel Medvedev on the deck, but the big giants have fallen! David once killed Goliath with only a waterfall and a rock (and even the sword with which he used to destroy him – minor details).

The point is, Daniel is being thrown.

Song of the day. “Take a chance on me” by Abba.

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