Snapchat reports 500 million monthly active users – 5/20/2021

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San Francisco, 20 May 2021 (AFP) – Snapchat, a social network popular among young people, said on Thursday (20) that it has 500 million active users per month at the time of development in different parts of the world.

The platform, which expanded its offerings beyond its original short-term messages, had not previously announced a number of monthly active users, but said last month that it had 280 million daily active users.

“We now reach more than 500 million active users per month, and nearly one in two smartphone users in the United States are on Snapchat,” said CEO Evan Spiegel at the opening of Snap Partner Summit, the chain’s parent company.

“In the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands, Snapchat is becoming an essential part of people’s lives, accounting for 90% of youth aged 13 to 24 and 75% of youth aged 13 to 34. Is reaching, ”said Spiegel. .

According to the CEO, Snapchat has increased dramatically over the past year due to imprisonment and outages due to the coronovirus epidemic, and has doubled daily active users in India in the last five quarters.

“Our community is growing rapidly outside of North America and Europe,” he said. “In fact, about 40% of our community is now out of North America and Europe.”

Known for its missing messages, Snapchat has expanded its partnerships with various media companies, including portions of games, news, entertainment and sports.

It is also known for its augmented reality features that allow users to share their content and purchase while testing items.

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The company on Thursday unveiled a series of new partnerships, including the Bumble Dating app, which allows users to share content created using Snapchat’s augmented reality technology.

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