Snow Moon: Filled with meaning, the astronomical event can be seen from M.S.

Snow Moon: Filled with meaning, the astronomical event can be seen from M.S.

This Saturday (27), the night will be chanted with the glow of Snow Moon. The astronomical event has significance for Native American tribes. However, event can happen Mato Grosso do Sul.

It will be possible to follow this event across the state, the way the whole world hopes. Moon sightings can be worsened by weather conditions, such as clouds or rain. although Virtual Telescope Project Will transmit directly to the full moon Roma.

Thus, the event is nothing more than a full moon. So, the name Snow Moon was given by the Native American tribes of the Northeast Us. People named this name due to heavy snowfall occurring in this period.

So these and other American people have specific names for the February full moon. According to the western planetarium Washington Arafao, the university from the Great Plains, is closest to an ice moon. In this group, the phenomenon is called “sun-frost glow”.

According to Cnn, 2021 has 12 full moons, the normal zodiac for a year. Finally, in 2020, there were 13 full moons, two of which occurred in October.

See which days will be full moon this year:

28 March – Worm Moon
26 April – Pink Moon
26 May – Flower Moon
24 June – Strawberry Moon
23 July – Bod Moon
22 August – Sturgeon Moon (A type of fish)
20 September – Sharad Chandra
20 October – Hunter’s Moon
19 November – Beaver Moon
18 December – lua fry

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