So Paulo GP CEO promises fan fest and Interlagos with more spectator capacity in 2022

So Paulo GP CEO promises fan fest and Interlagos with more spectator capacity in 2022

in view of the rebirth of formula 1, CEO Sao Paulo GP, alan adler, is betting on the development of the event for 2022 and is already making plans for the next season. The main responsible for the Brazilian stage seeks to increase the capacity of the audience Interlagos Autodrome and promises to hold a fan festival in the style of fifa during a world Cup, in the central points of the city of So Paulo.

“It’s a priority. We’re talking a lot with the governor and the mayor and we want to expand capacity next year. We have Formula 1 spectators and fans, we need more capacity. Mexico,” says Adler And even that doesn’t mean a smaller audience than the United States.

The idea is to connect 8 thousand to 10 thousand people in the circuit. Outside the F-1 GPs, the racecourse only gets 20,000 fans in its designated stands. With the addition of temporary structures, Interlagos’ capacity increases to about 70 thousand a day after the F-1 incident. For this year, the venue received 181,711 in three days of the GP. It was estimated to reach 170 thousand.

For those who cannot pay for GP tickets, there will be a chance to participate in fan fests across the city. “We are not just taking this experience to 100,000 people, we want to achieve a lot more. It will be incredible. The project is ready now. Then we need to make it as financially viable as we want it to be. Let it be economical. People will be experiencing it here (in Interlagos) and there too. There will be a lot of entertainment, pit stops, all these experiences”, projects in an interview with Adler State,

Adler wants to take advantage of the favorable moment for F-1 in the world and in Brazil. The championship is gaining audiences and a wider audience on its stage, in view of the popularity it has won with younger audiences, mainly due to investments in social networks, e-sports and the series “drive to survive” (drive to survive), from Netflix, “The product is at an incredible stage”, commented the Brazilian GP’s CEO.

The Rio businessman took charge of the Brazilian podium at the start of the year, replacing Tamas Rohony, who led the race for 30 years. Upon his debut, Adler faced the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic to hold his first race in F1. “How to do an event of this size without prior meetings? It happened in all areas of F-1. We’ve never lived in a situation like this. It’s crazy. It wasn’t an easy year to deliver, we still have are delivered.”

Adler revealed that, due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the problems were resolved at the last minute. “A lot was resolved on Friday. These are things that work”, commented the organizer. Despite this he said he was satisfied with the result. “I’m really enjoying the experience.”

For 2022, apart from planning bigger audiences and fan fests, he is planning more, possibly without the shadow of the pandemic. “For next year, we’re not going to do this event without so much planning. Everything ends, nobody sees anything. But it’s very stressful, it takes a lot of energy.”

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