Sofia: A robot promising to destroy humans will be mass produced. Technology

Sofia: A robot promising to destroy humans will be mass produced.  Technology
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Sophia robot will be mass-produced

a Sophia robot
Will win thousands of partners since the company Hanson Robotics
, Which built it, promised to mass produce other units of the machine later this year. In addition, four other models of the robot will also be sold extensively.

Sophia Started succeeding in 2017
To look a lot like a human. Uses robot artificial intelligence
To talk to people and display facial expressions of the most diverse emotions.

The demand is due to the company’s rationale for producing more Sophia units Kovid-19 Epidemic
. “The world needs more and more automation to keep people safe,” argued David Hanson, the company’s CEO.

Although it looks like a human, Sophia
The wires are exposed behind the head. According to its manufacturer, this is done to make the experience less frightening, making it clear that it is a machine.

With humor that scares a lot of people, Sophia has already joked in an interview with CNBC in 2017, which will be Destroy humans
. “Do you want to destroy humans? Please say no,” Hanson asked. “Okay, I’ll destroy the humans,” he replied, smiling in sequence. Watch:

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