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Microsoft will replace standard fonts in Office products. It is reported Website Corporations.

The company said the current base font is Calibari, which has been used in Word, Excel and other Office Suite programs since 2007. In return, Calibary replaced Times New Roman. “It has served us well, but we think it’s time to move on,” the company said in a statement.

The new fonts that replaced Calibury for the first time in 15 years are Tenorite, Birstad, Skeena, Seaford and Grandview. They were made by various designers for Microsoft. According to the description, tenorite, for example, is a traditional sans-serif typeface with a “warm and friendly style”, while Birsted is a typeface inspired by the mid-20th century typography.

The fonts are already available to users in the Microsoft 365 package. The company will collect feedback for five months and then decide which font will become the base font. Changes are scheduled for 2022.

“The default font is the first impression we make; It is a visual identity that we present to others through our resumes, documents or emails, ”Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft in february Announced A new version of his office suit. The Corporation introduced Office 2021 for LTSC for domestic use and office for corporate sector.

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