Some say athletes must take their place in the vaccination queue.

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London: Healthy Athletes Should Take Their Place COVID-19 Apple Athlete of the World Athletics said on Friday that despite programs such as next year’s Olympics, there is a need for more pressure vaccines.

In all the sports of the 20’s and 30’s, many athletes, in many countries, will be almost at the last minute when it comes to administering the vaccine. Whether they should be treated as a special case.

When asked about the issue at a media conference on Friday, a careful line was drawn. “We have to be sensitive here – a lot of claims are being made on this priority,” he said.

“Many of us depend on our key workers and our emergency services and we recognize that there are vulnerable people in the community and we want to make sure we take care of them as much as possible.

“I’m not sure this is a pressure game for fit youngsters. On the other hand, I would like athletes to have the opportunity to use the vaccine once it becomes available.

“I’m not making it mandatory and I don’t think it’s my job to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do in that area – I think it should be a very personal and individualistic view. Is

“I hope they take advantage of it. I wish I had the opportunity to lead a game like this, but it’s a very personal decision.”

Co, who won double Olympic gold in the 1,500-meter dash and was the driving force behind Britain’s hosting of the 2012 Games, was confident that the Tokyo event would be postponed to 2020 next year, and said that if any country The reorganized Olympics it was Japan that could answer this challenge.

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“I think the games will move forward. I went to Tokyo a week ago and spent a lot of time talking to the steering committee and the government, “he said.

“Organizing the Games is a dead end, although it is acknowledged that we are still in an uncertain area. Yes, the vaccine will help, but I guess there will be some adaptations for village athletes and summer rocks.

“Anything that can’t happen at the moment – and I certainly hope it does – is whether we want to build a stadium built by good, enthusiastic fans. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use

“We are all committed to those changes. I can’t imagine what I’m saying if someone knocked on my door in March 2012 and said ‘we’re not going to 2013’ – that’s a big challenge.

“I think we should be very grateful, and I am very grateful that the Japanese are dealing with this because it is a first-class governing body.

“They have the intellectual ability and of course they have the flexibility to see their way in the next six months which I think will be a great game.”

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