Sony Buys EVO, World’s Largest Fighting Game Championship

Sony Buys EVO, World's Largest Fighting Game Championship

a Sony Announced, Thursday (17), the purchase of the Development Championship Series (EVO), is considered the biggest championship Play fight Of world. The acquisition was made with RTS, a sports enterprise owned by Endeavor.

From now on, all the intellectual property of the event belongs to the Japanese company and will be responsible for the organization. EVO co-founders Tony and Tom Cannon will continue to get managerial roles.

In a text published on its official website, Sony said it would be “a new chapter in travel” E-sports“. Furthermore, the decision marks the integration of the event into the family Play Station.

EVO 2019

“Playing games are extremely popular on consoles, with players entering more than 1.1 billion gameplay in 2020 alone. We are committed to breaking barriers for players to compete at all levels and offer the best global platform in the category so that they reflect their skills and passions.

Next version

Sony recalled that the next version of EVO will be held online between August 6 to 8 and August 13 and 15. There will be tournaments in the competition Tekken ken, Street fighter v, Mortal combat 11 ultimate I guilty Gear. The qualifier will be flown all over the world.

“Our team focuses on a mission: to develop the tournament and make its events and broadcasts more fun, engaging and accessible, with our fans, to maintain EVO’s authenticity and creative ways for the fighting sports community. To make. The company said.

EvoNew games will be announced soon in the tournament

He said that the essence of the championship will remain the same, a competition in the open format that gives players and fans from different countries the opportunity to join the game, compete and make friends.

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