Spain declares a nationwide state of coronavirus over emergency

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the new state of emergency would last until early May.

Madrid, Spain:

Spain declared a national emergency on Sunday and imposed a curfew on the entire country except the Carrie Islands to prevent a second wave of coronavirus cases. Applied.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a televised speech that the new state of emergency would remain in place until early May.

“The situation we are going through is extreme,” he insisted.

Earlier in the day, a Spanish one-hour cabinet meeting agreed to allow the Spanish territories to impose their own curfew.

An official statement said the night curfew would last from 11 pm to 6 am, currently at 2,200 GMT. To 0500 GMT

Although the state of emergency will initially last only 15 days, the government has asked Parliament to extend it for six months.

Sanchez, however, said that if conditions were allowed, measures could be taken earlier.

“The crisis situation is the most effective tool to reduce the rate of infection,” he argued.

On Wednesday, Spain became the first European country to record more than one million cases of the virus, killing nearly 35,000 people.

An official statement said authorities were responding to calls for help from 10 Spanish territories and the city of Melilla.

Under the state of emergency, areas will have the power to restrict traffic inside or outside their areas, and curfews can be extended by one hour at either end, depending on local conditions.

Spain was shut down during the initial state of emergency, which lasted from March 15 to June 21, and measures were the toughest anywhere in Europe.

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Sanchez said he asked “at any cost” to avoid another serious lockout.

“Let’s stay home as long as we can,” he insisted on the television address.

“The more we stay at home, the safer we and others will be.”

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