Speed ​​limiting Apple CEO’s testimony in the Epic Games lawsuit

Speed ​​limiting Apple CEO's testimony in the Epic Games lawsuit

The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games is still ongoing, with many tricks being denied after receiving several updates.

Presiding Judge Thomas Hickson outlined the rules in Tim Cook’s testimony. His orderApple had planned to impose a four-hour ban. He also confirmed that Craig Federer, head of software engineering, would be involved in the case. Apple had earlier tried to replace him with Eric Newswender, director of privacy engineering.

Apple will be required to provide all required documentation previously requested by Epic Games before the length of Cook’s testimony can be established. These documents show the full extent of the operation of the App Store, which the judge ruled was important for the case.

Documents requested by Epic will be affected by Federer’s handing over of the document as a custodian, a role he does not need to testify at the outset. Edge However, reports say he may need to do so in the future.

“The court rules for the plaintiffs and orders Apple to make Federgy the custodian of the document, not the news vendor,” the order reads. “First, plaintiffs have indicated that Federigi is a high-level decision-maker whose documents are likely to go beyond Apple’s business fair defense.”

It continues: “Second, if the plaintiffs have misjudged, and the Federgi documents are not as relevant as those of the Nichsvender, which hurt the plaintiff. Assuming the requests are relevant, appropriate and proportionate, the plaintiffs have to decide what research they want to do to substantiate their claims, and if they make the wrong choice, this is their problem. ”

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The next deadline to file is January 6, 2021, with a hearing scheduled for January 8.

Apple has previously accused Epic Games of using the lawsuit as a sales opportunity. Fornite, And claimed that Epic “fired the first shot in the fight.”

Original Cartesrut, which was filed on September 8, 2020, accused Apple of seeking special treatment from the App Store’s rules on Epic Games, and the technology company subsequently canceled the “special deal.” Self-help and subterfuge. . It revolves around the fact that Epic introduced a payment method in a game Fornite Which surpassed the App Store’s 30 percent fee. Apple claimed it was “a little more than stealing.”

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