Sport enters the work routine of a company in Goiânia – Jornal Hora Xtra

Sport enters the work routine of a company in Goiânia - Jornal Hora Xtra

In the post-Olympic period, the world’s largest sporting event held between 23 July and 8 August, the Olympic spirit of transforming lives through sport is significantly manifested in society. Dreams, aspirations, hard work to improve people through example, motivation and health promotion.

In the current context, there is one concern in the corporate world that goes beyond the goal of profits: the quality of life of employees, which includes the practice of sports. A study from the University of Bristol, UK, compared the performance of 200 people on days with and without physical activity. When employees exercised, the results were: 21% greater concentration, 41% greater motivation to work, and 25% more prematurely.

URBS Connect director, Thiago Cardoso, says the company understood this connection and plans to provide more health and wellness conditions for employees, as well as more moments of interaction with them. “Practicing sports has a positive effect on people’s daily lives, they build rapport, which helps solve problems, mainly because they work as a team. This is heavily reinforced in sports”, Director of URBS Connect completed. In addition to a play area, with renovations to the unit located in the Marista sector, the site will have a sand court, with bleachers and changing rooms, as a way of encouraging play among employees.

“When we decided to create the court, our intention was to turn it into a place where people wanted to spend more time, but quality time, to bring people into company. And if there is one thing that unites people and At the same time it creates leisure, that is, the practice of sports.Along with this, there are health issues, we want our employee to be healthy and here he can do his activity in peace, including a personal trainer, beach volleyball , a foot volley, playing beach tennis”, says Thiago.

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According to Thiago Cardoso, the work in the unit is already in the final stages of finishing and decoration. The opening of the space is scheduled for the first half of September.

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