Sports, news and more! Vivo Fiber TV adds new international channel grid

Sports, news and more!  Vivo Fiber TV adds new international channel grid

This Tuesday (16), Vivo TV added three new channels in its optical fiber modality to its grid. The operator introduced new options for international broadcasters with content focused on sports, news, movies and series.

according to website line up, the list of new additions includes Golf Channel (VC568), BBC World News (VC580) and Eurochannel (VC660). They are all available in their high definition versions.

As the name implies, Golf Channel consists of a sports broadcaster devoted entirely to golf broadcasts and programs. It is regulated by NBCUniversal based in Florida (USA).

BBC World News is a news outlet focused on news based in the United Kingdom, owned by the BBC Group. Apart from Vivo, he was also present on Sky and Claro TV.

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Eurochannel is a French channel whose entire programming is focused on Europe. The schedule features attractions such as films, series and cultural productions from the “Old Continent” with original audio and subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. It was produced in Brazil by TVA in 1994, but was later sold overseas.

Vivo also makes these three stations available through streaming signals through the Vivo Play Outside the Home service. The application form for checking on the Internet can be downloaded through the link on the card below the text.

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