Spotlight On: Introduced Software to Monitor the Work of Public Companies

Spotlight On: Introduced Software to Monitor the Work of Public Companies

Belgrade – The Ministry of Economy and Local Finance Reform (RELOF2) in Serbia today presented an information system that enables the digitization of supervision over PoE.

Source: Tanjugu

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The Minister of Economy, Anelka Atanaskovi, explained that the software is actually a tool for managing domain business and public companies, and an official channel for reporting between public companies and founders, as well as between local self-government units and the ministry. Will happen. Of economy.

“The new software not only enables the submission of work reports electronically, but also enables the electronic production of these reports. This facilitates the preparation of various comparative field analyses, based on which we view the situation. These companies can, take measures and establish a framework for these companies,” Atanascovi explained.

He said the efficient work of public companies is more external, as citizens and the economy see the state to a large extent through the work of these companies. This is especially true for local public enterprises, as the services they provide directly affect the quality of life of citizens and the business of the economy.

The Minister explained that digitization is high on the agenda of the Government of Serbia and the process has seriously affected all areas of public administration.

According to him, the development of this information system is a confirmation that the Ministry of Economy is moving ahead through modernization and digitization.

“On the path of modernization through which Serbia is bravely marching ahead, digitization has improved many areas of life. Citizens already use many electronic services, and they do not immediately feel some of the benefits from digitization , but it is important that they exist and enable domain business in the economy.” Atanascovy explained.

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He pointed out that the Serbian economy was doing well and that the state would continue to help traders by creating better working conditions.

Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Economy Dubravka Drakuli said that the development of the software is now in the final stage, that is, in the testing phase.

“The first round of testing was done in 17 local governments and their public companies. Now is the time to move on to the second phase and ask as many municipalities, cities and public companies as possible to collect as much information and correct as possible. Include. Any software bug,” he said.

This, she explained, is particularly important, as the desire is to start with reporting for 2022, with the software being the economy ministry’s only reporting tool.

According to him, the purpose of developing the software was to focus on the results derived from purely financial indicators so that it could be clearly seen what was achieved with the money invested.

He stressed, this will help the decision makers to take better and timely decisions based on data and analysis.

“In addition to software, the Ministry of Economy continues its activities related to corporate governance, as it is broader and more comprehensive than software. We aim to ensure responsible behavior and operation of public companies by applying the principles of corporate governance . New software,” he said. is Dracula.

Anna Jolovy, director of the RELOF2 project, said she wants the information system to be tested as a joint project of RELOF and the Ministry of the Economy and continue to improve by the end of this year.

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“Public companies are not only the outer shelf of the system, but also a fundamental support for better living and citizens and economic development, because there is no decent life without water, electricity, garbage collection,” Jolowi explained.

The mayor of Zrenzenin, Simo Salapura, as a representative of one of the 37 local governments participating in the project, explained that its implementation is expected to have a uniform system of reporting and monitoring.

This, he said, would significantly improve the work of all actors, starting with employees and managers in public companies, as well as local governments as well as all decision makers.

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