SP’s interior student approved in six US universities: ‘Sonho’ | Sao Jose do Rio Preto and Aracatuba

SP’s interior student approved in six US universities: ‘Sonho’ |  Sao Jose do Rio Preto and Aracatuba

The name of a student from Santa Fe do Sul (SP) was included in the sanctioned list of six universities in the United States. In August, 19-year-old Caik Petini Binatti fulfilled his dream of studying economics at the University of Miami.

To G1Kaik said he had always wanted to live out of the country, but the desire came to the fore in 2018, when he did an exchange program in Canada. At that time, his passion for international culture inspired him to pursue a dream.

“I spent a lot of time studying, I even had to look for a psychologist, a psychotherapist. This part was the hardest, it’s a very long process. It’s four years of high school and I had to do it in one year.” They said.

From then on, the student started preparing for American tests and entrance exams. He also attended a preparatory school in Boston, but with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, Kaik had to return to Brazil and even thought the dream would not come true.

“I didn’t know what it would be, it was a time when the dollar went up a lot and the country closed its doors. At that point I thought my dream had come true.”

Kaike’s study site in the United States — Photo: Personal archive

“I started to realize that the pandemic could be an advantage, because a lot of people would give up. Many people were thinking like me,” the student said.

He took the exam and the result of his dedication was proven with approval in six universities:

  • Miami University
  • Lafayette College
  • Trinity University
  • Franklin and Marshall College
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Villanova University

Kaike chose to study economics at the University of Miami and even received a full scholarship from a dissertation.

Letter of approval from the University of Miami — Photo: Personal archive

As time goes on, the butterflies in the belly grow, as the dream will come true on August 15, the date on which Cuck moves to the United States. Youth is synonymous with pride for the family.

The student said, “I was slowly showing my family that I was capable. After approval, I talked about the scholarship and they were even happier. They always took care of mine in financial matters, but also emotionally. supported. We are very excited”, said the student.

Family Supported Kykes — Photo: Personal Collection

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