Facebook bets entertainment to create digital marketing tutorials for companies like yours

Facebook bets entertainment to create digital marketing tutorials for companies like yours

The social network has long become a sales platform and brand consolidation for micro and small businesses. In a country where there are more cell phones than people, this cannot be different.

With an eye on this audience, Facebook has been evolving over the years (under the umbrella Facebook for companies) with courses and tutorials, promoting the use of its digital marketing tools among small businesses.

The novelty is that these materials, previously more instructive, are now being covered with more Shobiz. This Wednesday, 12, Facebook launched Webseries Boost my business (“Impulsione Meu Negosios”), which has been edited in the United States and the United Kingdom, and now has a Brazilian version.

At the top of the project, Facebook executive Cadija Tysiani explains:

“We have always taken a more educational, practical approach to better use our platforms. Boost My Business is the first time we’ve adopted a slightly more innovative approach and added an entertainment component. “

With a presentation by Preeta Gill, there will be four episodes, approximately 12 minutes long, each focused on a different business and broadcast on Facebook (Check it out on Draft’s Instagram First episode, completely.)

“In a complex epidemiological context, with people consuming more digital content, we feel the need for an approach that inspires the entrepreneur more, bringing suggestions in a mild and pleasant way,” says Cadija .

The first of the series is devoted to food-free food

39-year-old Myra da Costa is the first episode entrepreneur. He is ahead Free soul food, A buffet based on black women and migrants and conscious use of food.

Made in the northern region of São Paulo, Myra is a training printer; Worked in the area when he spent four years living in Carpi, northern Italy. There, he faced the hardships of immigrant life and still found himself intolerant to lactose, which changed his relationship with food.

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Returning to Brazil, in 2016, he established his business – which went from B2C to B2B.

“Free Soul began as a healthy food delivery. Then, we asked for a budget for corporate corporate events – and we specialize in this type of event. “

In Italy, Maíra had known the concept of “zero kilometers”, given the privilege of purchasing inputs from local suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions and implemented the idea in Free Soul. Another proposal is the full use of food:

“We generate about 50% less waste than traditional food businesses. If we make Passion Fruit Juice for an event, then the skin is used for jelly. With banana, the rind becomes vegetarian ‘mad meat’ … “

Came on business but Pandey ALMOST is losing everywhere

Myra says that initially, she used Facebook for sales, engaging with her e-commerce, targeting the end consumer.

Maíra da Costa, Entrepreneur of Free Soul Food.

Yet in B2C, when the delivery app (such as Food and UberEats) became its main channel, its network usage changed. “Facebook has become, for me, a tool to generate brand visibility and consistency – and especially to find strategic partnerships.”

Similarly she came on the corporate radar and shifted her focus. In parallel, Myra joined the Facebook Leaders Network.

“This is a program in which entrepreneurs apply to be a part of it,” Caddija explains. “As they are accepted, they receive exclusive content [sobre marketing e gestão] And more dedicated support from our team. “

The liberated soul has developed. In 2019, he won a tender and started managing two feeding points within a company.

“That year was the best in Free Soul history. We serve more than 10 thousand people, we earn around 1 million rich people, we generate a continuous income for over 40 people… ”

By March 2020, the coronovirus forced Myra to cancel all events (scheduled for the second half) and complete expansion plans.

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Worse, in the midst of the change of headquarters, work was delayed – and the business was halted for four months.

Fully lives and helps the company deliver a new product

“A lot of people in Brazil work out of necessity,” says Cadija, from Facebook. “And the epidemic has intensified it, it has increased the number of small businesses, as many have been laid off.”

If competition has become more fierce, digitization has accelerated. According to data from Serasa Experian, 70% of small businesses are turning to online sales in the epidemic.

Myra had to turn her eyes to B2C. And widespread adoption of remote work has indicated a path:

“In March 2020, I saw a survey on LinkedIn stating that 40% of people in the home office were not eating full meals, and 70% were not doing physical activity. I was very impressed “

From an internal Free Spirit survey of 400 customers, it drew some conclusions. “People were trying to solve the issue of food on their own, but in a destructive way, they did not know what to buy, how to prepare …”

Myra began making a weekly life, teaching plant-based recipes. Another benefit was the creation of a new product, inclusive basket, to facilitate the routines of those who want homemade food in time [de preparo] Of noodle “:

“We ship sanitized vegetables, step rice, pre-cooked beans, spices … all the parts and to this health line.”

Creating “bit-of-scene-heads” from digital marketing

The inclusive basket was launched in mid-2020. At this time, he received an invitation through Facebook Leaders Network to participate in Boost My Business, of which he was already a part.

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The project, Maíra, came at a “super work” moment.

“I had this new product, trying to use the tools to promote it and I had no idea how. Then, the folks at Boost My Business suggested doing this campaign answer. People were using it a lot, I thought it was beautiful, but I don’t know how to use it … “

Behind the scenes, the contact lasted for about a month, with Marina receiving input from Marina Cussenir, a specialist in digital marketing on Facebook.

“I never used advertising tools well, I didn’t define my target audience much,” Myra says. “Marina understood me that he was not a seven-headed bug.”

In charge of João Jardim (co-director of the documentary) Extraordinary trash, Nominated for an Oscar in 2011), the recording took three days. In the video, Preeta tells the conversation between Gill Mara and Marina in her home office.

“And then the magic happens: the entrepreneur learns from Preeta, the Facebook learns from the expert, and Preeta learns together”, Kadija said. “These people reinforced themselves in the epidemic, they have an inspiring, creative story … it’s beautiful to see.”

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