Stardew Valley: Surprise Update 1.5 Hit Console

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Which are usually associated with updates and news Stardew valley You may already know that its creator Eric Baron, also known as Concernedep, always surprises fans of the game. Instead of making big announcements of his plans, he leaves enough and free updates for the farm game.

With the 1.5 update, the situation was not much different. Although players already knew its existence as it is available in the PC version Stardew valleyNo one was aware of when the update would arrive on the console. The Baron warned his followers that this would not be long, but he never set a specific date.

Behold, he just announced on Twitter today that the update was already available for this morning Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. The remaining platforms should receive updates in a few hours, including Android and iOS devices, for example.

For those who don’t know, update 1.5 Stardew valley The cooperative mode brings the possibility of playing with a split screen, a new farm layout inspired by the beach, new renovations for your home, new characters, new programs, new songs and more.

Like all other game updates, it is completely free for both those who already own the game and those who purchase it in the future. Some fans have already found minor bugs in this version of the game, but Eric Baron is aware and should release a fix as soon as possible. Comment if you have already downloaded the update on your console and what you think about these great news stories!

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