Starship SN15 lands fully in trial

Starship SN15 lands fully in trial

The Starship SN15 went up and landed quietly in a test conducted on Wednesday (5) in Boca Cheeka, Texas, where the base was grounded SpaceX. Hey Rocket It went until about 5:25 pm, local time (7:25 pm, Brasilia time) and went down after about five minutes. This is the first time that a company’s prototype has made the right landing.

The SN15 descended and landed vertically at the base. As it came, a small fire broke out on the bottom of the rocket, but it was quickly contained. Celebrates the success of the fifth height exam Elon MuskCEO of SpaceX.


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The SN15 prototype features improvements in structure, avionics, and software. On the other hand, engines allow for greater speed and efficiency during production and The flight. For the altitude test, the starship sprang up with the help of three Raptor engines, each stopping when the vehicle reached its peak 10 kilometers above sea level.

Still according to SpaceXRocket converted to propellant (fuel used in rocket) Space) For main internal tanks, where the landing propellant was, before reintroduction and reintroduction for controlled descent.

The return based on the SN15 had active aerodynamic control, performed by independent movement of the front and rear flaps. These four flaps were controlled using an on-board flight computer, which managed altitude during the flight and allowed for the correct landing.

The raptor engine, which was stopped when the vehicle reached the desired altitude, was restarted before touching the platform during the landing maneuver.

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Climbing the starship SN15. Picture: nasascephalite / reproduction

The test takes place exactly one month after the explosion during the SN11 prototype The flight, In Boca Chica. On March 30, that starship was launched and exploded five minutes later, leaving a trail in the wreck facilities, just over the descent. SpaceX.

Along with the completeness of the SN15 test, there are three starship prototypes that carry out the activity. before Sn 5 I Sn 6 150 meters high was used for “jumping”.

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