Steam reveals list of best selling games of 2020

Steam reveals list of best selling games of 2020

Hey Steam This Saturday (26) officially unveiled a list of select 2020 games on the platform, including the categories of Best Sellers, Most Play, and The Best Release of the Year.

The analyzed data take into account the amount of sold, in-game transactions and additional content sold in the period between January 1 and December 18, 2020.

This is the fifth consecutive year Valve Disseminates information about the year’s main games on Steam.

The list of the year’s best-selling games, taking into account 100 titles with the highest gross revenue of 2020, and drawing attention to recent releases and a healthy dose of acquaintances of older players – three to play In addition to the presence of free titles.

Doom eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, among us I Fall Guys: Final Knockout Platinum is among the debutants in the category, which is made up of the 12 best-selling games on the stage in the year.

They appear next to Grand theft auto v, Dota 2, counter Strike Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, Destiny 2, Red dead redemption II, Monster Hunter: World I PUBG – Older releases, but still topped Steam’s bestseller list.

In addition to the Platinum category, the list also includes Outuro (13th to 24th best-selling), Silver (25th to 40th best-selling) and Bronze: (41st to 100th best-selling) groups. check out Full list of games here, Is conducted randomly within each group.

The platform also listed the most popular launches of the year divided by month, bringing October and March as the busiest months.

As we put on the year’s 25 most popular lists, we were curious to find out which months represented the most. October and March were at the top: There are four releases in the list of the 25 most popular of the year in each of the two months“Steam indicates team.”After them, we have a strong representation of June, August and September, with three releases each. Unfortunately, the month of May was the only one without a launch in the list of the most popular 25 in the year, but we are routing for it in 2021. “

The survey also shows which games are the most popular virtual reality games, which make early access more popular and are the most played titles of the year. See Full retrospective here.

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