Stephen Curry writes thesis on gender equality in sport and follows Kobe Bryant’s fight

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Stephen Curry He fulfilled what he promised his mother Sonya, graduating in education. more than a decade of promise that they will get College degree Finally completed. star of Golden State Warriors graduated in Sociology Last week from Davidson College, 13 years after leaving university. Subject? Promoting gender equality through sports. Continues to follow in Curry’s footsteps Kobe Bryant like a legend nba To fight systematically for the cause.

“It would be nice to have a diploma at home one day. I’m committed to it. When my basketball career is over, I’ll be back here,” he said. Curry at his press conference at Davidson College in 2009, announcing that he would halt his studies to try to enter NBA, where he is currently one of the top players in US basketball,

There was only one semester left of school, but Curry made it. player of Warrior’s Share your happiness on graduating from university. Curry told reporters, “Ever since I left campus, it’s been a goal to finish college. Obviously, it’s a sense of accomplishment, but a promise I made to my mom and coach (Bob) McKillop when I Gone after his freshman year.” Week.

Like this Kobe BryantHe uses his fame to help escalate the fight. Equal status for men and women in society. Curry told the magazine, “The fact that you have a guy like Kobe who was lending his stage, his voice, his resources, his time to champion women’s sport, is obviously a great way to continue that mission.” It’s a big incentive.” game Illustrated In 2018, the time when she promoted a camp for 200 girls to play Basketball and discuss relevant topics.

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The teachings he received from his mother and his wife Ayesha opened Curry’s eyes to the subject. “All my life, in fact, I feel like I’ve had an education about what it means to be a woman in America. And one lesson from that education that really stood out to me: Always listen to them, always believe. Do them,” she explained. In an official text on the website The Players TribuneCiting that the birth of his daughters made him more engrossed in the cause.

Curry got your University degree degree in sociology, but did not attend the class’s graduation ceremony last Sunday. he accompanied the delegation of Golden State Warriors on a trip to memphis NBA Western Conference Semifinals, but attended the event and celebrated the latest achievement in his sweeping winning resume with three NBA titles, two MVP awards, as well as multiple personal records. He will receive his degree on the stipulated date.

“I was able to look at some of the work I’ve done since leaving university and apply a sociological lens to it, and be able to understand how many people are exposed to gender issues through their voice, their platform, their financial investments, and their time.” We are advancing equality,” he said.

Curry highlighted the importance of education at various points in his career. He followed his mother’s teachings along with his brothers Seth and Sydel, who also graduated. ,Curry graduate) I am not surprised. We have people who are really aware of the world beyond basketball and its impact on their communities. In addition, Steph is a very curious guy, he is constantly trying to expand his horizons and getting a college degree was very important to him.”

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Curry studied at Davidson College Between 2006 and 2009, being the best player in the history of the university. The leader in points, three-pointers, free throws, and steals, he did not have his number retired, as the college only holds ceremonies with athletes who have completed their respective courses. Now this won’t be a problem.

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