Stranger Creature Found Dead on Beach: ‘Alien Alert!’

Stranger Creature Found Dead on Beach: 'Alien Alert!'

Pastor Alex Tan on Monday (28) collided with a strange creature while walking on the Australian beach of Maroochidor, and was so impressed that he decided to record the scene on video, which was later published on Instagram. Since then, the image has graced the news in Australia, with everyone wondering what, exactly, that corpse could be.

Speculation ranges from an exaggeration of the thinking supernatural to the more plausible idea that it is a deformed marsupial. The corpse has a long tail and its hind legs are open. At the other end, the skull is exposed, which rests between two limbs like very short human arms.

When posting the video, Alex himself joked: “Alien Alert!”. In the recording, he says, “When people claim they’ve seen aliens it’s the kind of thing you see.”

Nevertheless, when developing the topic, he claims not to believe in the possibility, is raised as a joke, and defends with the conviction that it is an oxum, a species of marsupial that that can reach 55 cm and is very common in Australia.

“It looked like a cross between a dog, a possum, a kangaroo and some sort of giant rat,” the shepherd later commented in an interview with Australian channel 7News.

“Maybe another animal came and took a bite. I think it’s some kind of perverted constipation. I’m pretty sure it’s not an alien.”

The corpse of the animal is probably a possession.

Image: Flickr/Wolombi

Either way, Tan remains concerned, as are the people who now follow him on social media, all eager for an answer. Therefore, man proceeds to contact the experts and, finally, find out what kind of animal the corpse belongs to.

After the first contacts, the theory that it was a possession was strengthened, but further analysis is still needed to draw conclusions.

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