Stress is ‘very difficult’ to control, researchers say

Stress is ‘very difficult’ to control, researchers say

Fiocruz researcher and pulmonologist Margareth Dalcomo believes that Brazil will not be able to stop the spread of the Indian version of the Kovid-19. In an interview with CNN, Dalcomo assessed the current situation in the country, which First cases of stress identified in Maranho.

“I can not believe it [que vamos controlar]. I think it is just a matter of time and we will discover the type of India roaming elsewhere, it is very difficult to stop it ”, he said.

With the announcement of the Indian version in Brazil, the Ministry of Health implemented a large-scale trial in São Luís, where the virus was identified, and began to control the boundaries. State too Get 5% more vaccines. However, for the researcher, there was a lack of activism.

In Dalcomo’s analysis, the cancellation of flights from India should have been done at least three weeks in advance. He said, “I know the Indian conditions of sanitation control very well. It is very uncertain. So when it started in India, it was clear that it was about to spread.”

Pulmonologists believe that the measures will, at the very least, mitigate the effects of the new stress. “The Ministry of Health sent a large amount of tests that could test half the population of Sao Luis and its surroundings. Perhaps it would be able to determine the size of the problem from an epidemiological point of view, but it controlled transmission.” Won’t be able to do it “, he said.

The researcher, like many other scientists and politicians, predicts the third wave of the disease to arrive in the country soon. Indian stress can contribute to worsening of the situation. “Depending on one type of transmission rate, without a doubt, it can create a very serious situation in Brazil,” he said.

Yesterday, Brazil registered 894 deaths due to Kovid-19 In the 24 hours since the onset of the epidemic, 449,185 people lost their lives due to the disease. Also on Sunday, the country reached the total 41.9 million vaccinations Against CoronavirusWhich represents 19.82 percent of the population. The data is obtained by the consortium of press vehicles, of which Twitter The state is part of the Health Secretariat.

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