Studies show how masks change the process of the face

Studies show how masks change the process of the face

a Our ability to recognize faces is severely impaired, and this perception is low To impress As chit chat with other people. These are the findings of a new study published this Monday Scientific report.

To reach these results, researchersGurion In the Negev, Israel, and at York University, Canada, used an adapted version of the Cambridge Face Memory Test – a standard model to assess feeling Faces. The test was conducted online on a group of about 500 people and included faces with and without masks.

Overall, volunteers were 15% less successful in identifying those wearing masks. These results can lead to many errors in “recognition right About individuals we know or, by mistake, recognize the faces of some unknown people as we know them, ”he said. Power Avidan, One of the scientists, Quoted by Galileo.

In addition, scientists also found that masks specifically interfere with facial recognition as a whole, so that the process takes longer. He wrote in the study, “Instead of looking at the whole face, we are now forced to look at the eyes, nose, cheeks and other elements differently to form a complete perception of the face.”

All these can have a significant impact Activities Day and day chit chat Social.

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