Study says risk of getting COVID from PFF2 mask is minimal – DW – 12/4/2021

Study says risk of getting COVID from PFF2 mask is minimal - DW - 12/4/2021

According to a study by the Max Planck Institute in Germany, PFF2 type masks (equivalent to other international standards known as N95, KN95 and P2 masks) provide almost 100% protection against Covid-19.

If a person is infected with the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, comes into contact with a healthy person in an enclosed space – even at a short distance and after 20 minutes is – the risk of infection is only 0.1%. If the person is vaccinated, the risk of contracting the disease is even lower, the researchers explain.

However, according to scientists, minimizing the risk depends on whether the mask is being used properly. For optimal protection, the metal clip should be pressed tightly against the nose, pressing it sideways.

The study, published in the Scientific Journal, said that if the mask is not applied properly, the risk of infection in the same scenario increases to about 4%. PNAS, from the US National Academy of Sciences.

The analysis also showed that PFF2 masks that fit tightly to the face provide 75 times more protection than surgical masks – however, if they fit snugly, reduce the risk of infection by 10% .

The researchers said their calculations are quite conservative. “In everyday life, the actual chance of infection is certainly ten to one hundred times lower,” says researcher Eberhard Bodenschatz, who led the study.

Higher risk of infection without mask

On the other hand, an analysis of encounters between two people without a mask showed that, if a healthy person stood in front of an infected person for a few minutes, even at a distance of 3 meters, there was a 90% chance There is infection.

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Despite the distance of 3 metres, the researchers emphasize that the risk is much greater when you come into contact with infected people with high viral loads, as is currently the case with the dominant delta variant of the coronavirus, some For minutes and without a mask.

“Our results demonstrate once again that the use of masks in schools and in general is a good idea”, concludes Bodenschatt.

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