Sun blasts electromagnetic energy to Earth: Geomagnetic Storm Watch Released

Sun blasts electromagnetic energy to Earth: Geomagnetic Storm Watch Released

Communications can also be interrupted.

The sun has just released the equivalent of a giant solar shovel, which is heavily charged in the solar system. Some of the sun’s Wednesdays will reach our atmosphere on Wednesday nights and Thursdays, prompting Stargazer to look up at the night sky in anticipation of the colorful, bright northern lights.

After an interval of several months, the sun has awakened to a new phase of solar activity. An impressive solar flare and coronal muscle mass (CME) 7 December throws plasma and magnetic fields to Earth.

Of course, a pleasant effect of the upcoming solar activity will be a dazzling display of Rora Boralis. Due to the strength of the storm, the northern lights can be seen by many people who do not normally see them. NOAA’s Geomagnetic Storm Index, which measures the magnitude of solar activity, predicts the KP Index 7 (out of 9), which corresponds to aurora activity south of Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Seattle.

CME Solar particles and magnetic fields emitted from the sun during are forced to release particles already trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. It triggers the reactions of oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the upper atmosphere to force active photons of light.

The most common ur rora colors are a bright green, but if we are a little lucky, the atmosphere can provide a range of colors from red to pink or blue to purple. Although the Northern Lights forecast is for three hours starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday, some activity will be possible until December 10.

Remember, this is not the only celestial event to occur this month. Mark your calendar on December 21, when Planet and Saturn Take a closer look at them from the Middle Ages. This great coordination of planets, known as a combination, coincides with the winter solstice and will not be seen again until 2080.

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