Super car achieves crazy speed – Miscellaneous

Super car achieves crazy speed – Miscellaneous

A car belonging to the “Tutara” company achieved a high speed of 455 km, breaking the world record of “fastest vehicle” in the world.

And the company “SSC” announced on Wednesday that its supercar “Tuatara”, priced at $ 1.9 million, became the fastest car in the world, followed by a top speed of around 455 kmph.

According to Sky News, the car was provided with an 8-cylinder engine, which generates power up to 1750 horsepower, knowing that the vehicle’s design was a decade old, and inspired by the design of fighter jets.

This is the second time the company says the “Tuatara” broke the record as the world’s fastest car, as the company announced last October that the supercar had tested a desert at a speed of 532 kmph. Was recorded on the highway outside Las Vegas.

But the previously obtained data were in doubt, as car enthusiasts noticed discrepancies with the motion data recorded on the Global Positioning System (GPS), which, among a host of other reasons, did not match the camera documenting the speed .

Last week, “Tuatara” went in opposite directions at the Kennedy Space Center, setting its new “documented” speed within an hour, breaking the world record for “fastest vehicle”.


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