Super Typhoon Gony is the strongest hurricane of 2020, leaving for the Philippines

Super Typhoon Gony is the strongest hurricane of 2020, leaving for the Philippines

Once its high winds exceeded 150 miles per hour, it qualified as a “super typhoon”, equivalent to a strong Category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic. But it became more intense compared to another strong Category 5.

Goni’s strength jumped to about 86 degrees (30 Celsius) in the water, which is 2 to 3 degrees (1 to 1.5 C) warmer than normal. Such rapid intensification is made more likely by man-made climate change, which has increased sea temperatures globally.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Pearl Harbor described Gony as “a compact but very powerful system.” On the weather satellite, it displayed a sharply defined eye and near-perfect symmetry, characterized by the most intense hot cycles.

The transition from Gony’s radical storm to a powerhouse super typhoon is shown in the animation below:

Gony is forecast to move east and make a landfall in central Luzon, northeast of Manila, on Sunday afternoon, and some weakened before the quake.

In the short term, the United Typhoon Warning Center expects Goni to go through an eye-catching transition cycle in which the strongest storms around its center regroup. Although this process usually reduces the hurricane’s extreme winds, it is often the result of a large storm.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center predicts that Goni will come ashore in Luzon with strong winds of more than 140 kilometers per hour, the equivalent of a Category 4 storm.

In the Philippines, Goni is called Typhoon Rowley because a different name system is used for the surrounding storms.

Before the storm, forecasters from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) issued a tropical cyclone warning. They are predicting “catastrophic hurricane-force winds” and 6½ to 10-foot (2 to 3-meter) high storm surges that could “cause deadly and damaging beaches.” They Are also calling for “Heavy to very heavy rains” are capable of causing floods and landslides.

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Conditions are expected to deteriorate sharply on Sunday morning and improve by late Sunday night.

Inquire, an English language newspaper in the Philippines, Reported Thousands of people are expected to be sheltered in government evacuation centers and the country has suffered “double embarrassment” from the storm and the novel. Coronavirus. The newspaper reported that Ricardo Jalald, executive director of the National Council for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, encouraged people to wear face masks and promote social distance, saying evacuation sites should not be filled to capacity.

Gony is predicted to weaken as it crosses Luzon before rising to the South China Sea. Extra weakening is predicted as it moves westward to the west, resulting in high-altitude winds and dry winds. Landfall in the form of a hot storm in Vietnam is forecast for next Wednesday.

While a number of tropical cyclones hit the Philippines in 2020, overall hurricane activity in the western Pacific was lower than normal. Hurricanes have generated less than half of the season’s rainfall, According to Colorado State University. This is in stark contrast to the tropical Atlantic, which has seen record-breaking hurricane activity.

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