Swisscom must respect the standards…

Swisscom must respect the standards…
Network at the heart of optical fiber.
Optical fiber at the center of the network.

Swisscom wants to build and manage its network as it sees fit, without taking into account its own principles on competition! The Federal Administrative Court (TAF) reminded him of this a few days ago. He also reaffirms the measures taken by Comco in December 2020!

title of TAF Press Release Couldn’t be clearer: “Swisscom must comply with fiber optic standards”. It therefore agrees with the Competition Commission (COMCO) and ratifies the provisional measures ordered by it against Swisscom, as explained once here.

Comco alerted by a competitor

Alerted by a smaller competitor, Comco launched an investigation in December 2020 aimed at clarifying the legality of Swisscom’s new network building strategy, which wanted to exclude exchanges from installing four optical fibers in private homes. A solution that guarantees its competitors full access to the line…

A surprising development, as Swisscom had always advocated laying of four fibers to avoid the mistakes of the past. Even more surprising, the practice was validated by round tables held between 2008 and 2012 by the Federal Commission for Communication (COMCOM) and the Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM) with telecommunications companies.

Swisscom is not reliable…

“The matter before the TAF raised complex technical and economic questions as well as preliminary legal questions relating to cartel law and of a procedural nature. For the court, however, there were sufficient technicalities to detract from the applicable standard in the field of Swisscom optical fiber or did not succeed in making possible the existence of economic reasons”, according to the same text.

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In your own press releaseSwisscom, which now works closely with Salt, says it “deeply regrets this decision”. TAF, for its part, is taking a very clear position. It refers to “the abusive practices of a company with a dominant position as to the extent of technological development within the meaning of Art”. 7 of the cartel law. Very clear, no?

At Seraglio, we once again underline the ego of Swisscom!

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