Take a look at the eclipse of the moon’s shadow on Earth during today’s solar eclipse

Take a look at the eclipse of the moon's shadow on Earth during today's solar eclipse

NOAA’s Gos-East satellite observed lunar shadows in South America during a total solar eclipse in December 2020.


Treatment of a thin contingent of South Americans a Total solar eclipse on Monday. Many people around the world were able to enjoy the action via live streams, but a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite received a different view of the event.

While The men were looking at the sun (Using solar protection precautions), the Goz-East satellite kept an eye on the Earth and saw the moon’s shadow moving across the oceans and the Earth.

The NOAA Satellite Twitter account shared an eclipse GIF. It is a wonderful whirlwind of blue water, brown and green land, white clouds and dark shadows in motion.

Satellite imagery reveals the number of clouds in the viewing area, meaning not everyone has a clear picture of the event. “Although it was visible from Earth mainly in parts of South America, the Goose East had a correct view of the moon’s shadow moving across the Earth,” the NOAA wrote.

You can catch some more traditional footage of the eclipse To watch some of Earth’s broadcasts again from Monday. This you have to finish. The next total solar eclipse – which will be visible in Antarctica – will not occur until December 2021.

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