Targets and Highlights Majetlin FC 3-2 FC Juarez, Guard 1Nz 2020 Liga MX | 10/17/2020

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Summary / Mazatlane 3-2 FC Juarez

90 ‘+ 7

Game over! Final Score: Mazatlan FC 3 – 2 FC Juarez

90 ‘+ 6

Juarez saved! Majetlan forgave the score increase.

90 ‘+ 3

Grab the stick! Candido was close to making room for the locals.

Majetlan FC 3-2 FC Juárez

90 ‘

The referee pays 7 minutes.


Yellow card! Miguel Frega of Mazatlane FC has been warned.

83 ‘

FC Juarez Goal! After a ball to Vargas, Bravos chased the game and gave up the game.

60 ‘

Yellow card! Maximiliano Oliveira from FC Juarez.

55 ‘

FC Juarez switches, Blaise leaves Armoa and Dario Lezcana enters


Maztlin F.C. Fully committed by

The second half begins

Majatlan FC 3 – 1 FC Juarez

45 ‘+ 4

The first half is complete, high voltage dual.

Majatlan 3-1 FC Juarez

45 ‘

Four minutes are included.

Majatlan 3-0 FC Juarez

42 ‘

What a mistake! Frega almost caused Juarez to play the second game.

41 ‘

Majetlin FC, Nicholas Daze leaves and Carlos Vargas enters the transfer.


FC Juarez Goal! Alejandro Rubio takes advantage inside the field and takes advantage of the defensive error.

38 ‘

Juarez has already created the first risky business. Stop!

32 ‘

Majatlon FC Goal! Camilo’s Silva shoots inside the area!

Majatlan 2-0 FC Juarez

Majatlan 1-0 FC Juarez

28 ‘

Mazatline FC is playing one of the best games in its history. The ball is spinning through all the locals, creating more confidence.

7 ‘

Funny FC goal! Aldo Rocha won the penalty.

Fines for fun!


The goal of the match! Camilo da Silva from outside the field scores a great goal with his left leg. The home team won

The match started from ‘Kraken’

The first match with the fans at Majatalan Stadium.

MazatlenFCC: XI

Frega, Daz, Ti Ritz, Velarde, Jimenez, Osuna, Rocha, Rodriguez, Mendoza, Sanvezo and Hurta.

FC Juarez: XI

Plos, Romo, Velਜ਼zquez, Olivera, Hernandez, Aromoa, Contreras, Esquivel, Fabian, Rubio and Castillo.

The result of basic forces

This is how you live the new normalcy!

Majatal vs FC Juarez: Stay with us here!

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How to watch Majatlan FC vs FC Juarez Live TV and Stream

Tonight’s executive team!

Fernando Hernandez Gamage will be the central referee of this match vs. FC Juarez; Christian Quebec Espinosa, first line; Alejandro Ayala, second line; Juan Esquivel, fourth assistant.

Majetlan: The last lineup

Gutierrez; Velarde, Daz, Ti Ritz, Padilla; Marys, Mendoza, Rodriguez, Ramirez, Huerta, Censors.

FC Juarez: The last lineup

I. Vazquez; B. Romo, v. Wells Quiz, a. Acosta; W. Manditia, J. Esquivel, m. Rabbual, b. Aroma; M. Fabian and d. Lizcano.

In constant irregularities

Horses will be compared to a combination of 14 units, which puts it in 12th place. Juarez is unbeaten in three matches and will be looking for his first win in a match against Majetlan.

The final pull begins

The second day of activities closes on the 14th day at the Kirken Stadium in Pearl, Pacific. Both teams arrived at the match in need of units.

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