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brazilian surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb Jeffreys Bay won the stage world surfing circuit, this Friday, in South Africa. In the final, the Olympic athlete beat the Australian tyler wright From 17.50 to 15.67. In men’s competition, italo ferreira The traditional South African stage was eliminated in the quarter-finals.

Tati took advantage of the good waves early in the decisive heat. Her grades were 8.50 and 9.00, the highest scores in the women’s competition at Jeffreys Bay. Tyler tried to respond, but scored 8.17 and 7.50, without discounting the scores of the Brazilian surfer, who won the title and celebrated.

Along with the trophy, Tati added titles over two stages in the 2022 season, something he achieved for the first time in his career. He alone has two trophies this year. The new victory moved Brazil to third place in the rankings with 42.610. The lead is that of Hawaii’s Carissa Moore with 52,925. Johann Defoe of France is second with 47,610. “Third place is a huge achievement. I am very happy and very happy to be able to become a professional surfer.”

Therefore, Tati is one of the top five of the season, within the classification zone of the Grand Finals of the Championship, to be played in Trestles, California, United States, between 8 and 16 September. “I waved a lot in my head, but it was worth it. I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I’m so happy!”, he said.

Italo Ferreira is knocked out in the quarterfinals at Jeffreys Bay

Brazil was knocked out of the final in the men’s Jeffries Bay. The leading surfer was Yago Dora, who lost in the semi-finals. He was defeated by Australian Ethan Ewing 17.04 to 16.87. In the quarterfinals, Italo Ferreira and Samuel Pupo were eliminated. The Olympic champion was defeated by Japanese Kanoa Igarashi with a tight score of 15.43 to 15.00. The victory tasted revenge on the surfer from Japan, who faced Brazil in the Olympic final in Tokyo last year – Brazil won the gold medal.

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Samuel Pupo lost 12.83 to 7.83 to Australian Jack Robinson, while Yago Dora beat fellow Australian Conor O’Leary 15.00 to 10.83. In the other quarterfinal heat, Ethan Ewing, another Australian representative in contention, eliminated local Jordi Smith from 11.50 to 7.03. The final was entirely Australian, between Robinson and Ewing, who had won their first World Tour final. In a similar contest from start to finish, Ewing won by a score of 16.80 to 16.30.

The next leg of the World Tour will be held in Tahiti, on the mighty waves of the Tahupo beach, from August 11 to 21. This will be the last step before the trestles. So this will be the last chance for surfers to try their hand at the Grand Finale of the Championship.

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