Telecom regulator announces doubling of penalty for misuse of mobile services (details)

Telecom regulator announces doubling of penalty for misuse of mobile services (details)

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Disclosed service quality report released by National Telecom Regulatory Authority “No Call Start” indicator for Vodafone and Etisalat on improvement in the number of areas suffering from poor service quality He During the last March as compared to January 2021.

The report noted that the rate for areas suffering from no call initiation and poor service quality for Orange increased in March compared to its level in January.

With regard to the “call voice quality” indicator, the report said that the number of areas suffering from poor service for Vodafone and Wii has improved compared to the month of January, while the number of remaining areas for the telecom company is stable, While the report monitored an increase in the number of areas suffering from poor voice quality service. Calling Orange brought the number of areas suffering from poor service to 3 areas in March, compared to only 2 areas in January.

The “Call Incomplete” indicator showed an improvement in the number of areas suffering from poor service for Orange and WWE Telecom during the month of March, with the number of remaining areas remaining stable for Vodafone.

The report indicated that the average data download speeds of Vodafone and Etisalat decreased in the month of March, reaching 24 Mbps in March compared to Vodafone in January, while Etisalat recorded 19 Mbps as compared to 20 Mbps in January.
The report stated that the company downloading data has stability in Orange and Y, so that the download rate is stable at 24 Mbps for the first and 21 Mbps for the WWE company.
The report monitored the lowest download speeds recorded for each operator, as they were 4 Mbps for Vodafone, 6 Mbps for Orange and 5 Mbps for each of the WWE Etisalat in March.

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And monitoring the report of the national authority forCommunication organization Failure of communication to the Orange Company in 20 areas including Alexandria in the areas of East 2, East 3, East 4 and East 5, and in the city of 6 October 1 and 6 in the areas of Fayed, Abu Sultan and Giza Canal. In addition to Sheikh Zayed 2 and Cairo, in the areas of New Valley, in the areas of Abu Qirqas, Dairout and Manfalut, and Al Qanater, in the delta, Desauk, Kafr Ghanim, in the areas of Abura, Nasser City 2, Moktam and Upper Egypt, in addition to October 2. , Kafr al-Sheikh, Sanbalawin, Damitta and Shebin, while only 4 areas improved, Menouf in Alexandria West 2 and Kafar Ilayat, Sheikh Zayed 1 in Al Bajaur and Giza.
The report indicated that in relation to the interruption of calls to the Orange Company, a service quality report prepared by the Telecom Regulatory Authority for the first quarter of 2021 this year indicated that Cairo and Delta each had improvements in 5 sectors. , And the report monitored the quality of calls with the company. Orange Where the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority stated that there are areas that still suffer from call quality in both Alexandria and Upper Egypt, while only one area has improved, which is the canal.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority stated that there are 7 sectors that suffer from a company’s communication failure Vodafone In Cairo, Delta and Giza, while only two regions, Alexandria and Upper Egypt, were reformed. The agency also said that through a service quality report for the first quarter of 2021 this year, “regarding disconnection of calls”, the agency found that there is one area that still suffers from a problem regarding Vodafone , Which is Delta, while Canal and Delta have improved in 3 areas. And in relation to “call quality” service, NTRA found that there are two regions that each suffer from call quality in Giza and Upper Egypt, while 6 areas were improved, namely in the Canal, Ismailia, Delta and Upper Egypt In Fayum and Vaasta.
In relation to telecommunications company it is found National Telecom Regulatory Authority There are 11 regions suffering from “communication failure” in Cairo, Upper Egypt, the Canal, Delta and Giza, while 8 areas were improved in Alexandria, Upper Egypt, Cairo and Delta.
The device has detected how many areas suffer from interrupted company calls Telecom It reached 6 regions in Alexandria, Canal, Delta, and Upper Egypt, while 7 regions improved, namely, Alexandria, Canal, Delta, and Upper Egypt.

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The agency said that operators’ fines were doubled for low indicators of the quality of services provided to users by the specified standards, as the penalty list was revised and doubled, stating that operators were given new The ban list was reported to be in force. Second half of this year.
The Telecom Regulatory Authority also said that the capacity of complaint centers for users of telecom services to receive service complaints has been doubled to work for 14 hours per day seven days a week, up from 50,000 complaints per year is more.

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