Telegram attacks new WhatsApp privacy policies

Telegram attacks new WhatsApp privacy policies

Telegram took advantage of negative results New policy Privacy policy on social media and posted several memes on his official profile Twitter Attack or opponent.

Since last Wednesday (6), WhatsApp users have started receiving notices about the new terms of services on their platforms and the privacy policy of the app.


The new rules will allow Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to demonstrate the desire to share Messenger data Mark zuckerberg To integrate all the products of your company. Those who do not accept the terms until 8 February – the date the new policy goes into effect – will have their account removed.

The incident caused discontent among its user base, who went on to question the new rules on social networks. Telegram, which has nothing to do with it, took advantage of users’ fury to attack rival WhatsApp and, of course, to self-promote its app.

In addition to the coffin mem, Telegram made it clear that the “cure” for WhatsApp users who accept the terms would be to uninstall the app.


Asked by a user whether to burn the phone after agreeing to the new policy, WhatsApp’s rival insisted that the action would be bad for the environment. Originally, he should have removed the app, as he was “better entitled”.

And for those who played “among us”, the alliance for the green body made the obverse very straightforward.

New whatsapp rules

The new WhatsApp privacy terms and policies will go into effect on 8 February. Photo: Olhar Digital

The new update again mentions the possibility of payment via application. After being suspended in 2020 by the Central Bank (BC) and the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade), the appeal should be included once and for all in Brazil.

However, Spotlight turns to the privacy issues of the app. New words “obligated” users to allow messenger data to be shared with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Those who do not agree to the term until February 8, their account will be deleted.

This will include information about the number such as information about the phone and information about the transaction, interaction information with other people (including companies), IP addresses and other profile data.

Since the messages are encrypted, they will not enter the package. Nevertheless, the rules bring many risks keeping in mind the privacy of users. Historical Regarding negative events of Zuckerberg companies.

It remains to be seen whether WhatsApp’s new privacy terms and policies will have enough impact for users to seal apps like Telegram and Signal, which are identified to pay more attention to their customers’ data.

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