Texas Zoo Records Birth of 10 Rare Komodo Dragons; Watch Video | World

Texas Zoo Records Birth of 10 Rare Komodo Dragons;  Watch Video |  World

A zoo in Texas, in America, recorded the birth of ten rare specimens of Komodo dragons at the end of October. The photos were released this month.

A recording from a team of veterinarians and caregivers showed the exact moment when chunks of eggs were rapidly hatched in a video. watch video above,

Native to Indonesia, the Komodo dragon is known as the world’s largest lizard, reaching up to 3 meters in length and weighing up to 160 kg.

Komodo dragon cubs born at the San Antonio Zoo, Texas – Photo Courtesy / San Antonio Zoo

“The cubs are healthy and we look forward to helping them grow and preserve the Komodo dragons,” zoo director Tim Morrow said in a statement.

Komodo Dragon Cubs at the Texas Zoo – Photo Courtesy / San Antonio Zoo

According to the San Antonio Zoo, there are currently less than 1,400 individuals of this species in the world – which were considered to be at risk of extinction in 2021.

Experts reinforce the progress of urbanization in forested areas and the effects of climate change – such as rising sea levels – as Threats to the natural habitat of dragons,

Komodo Dragons – Photo: Courtesy / San Antonio Zoo

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